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Detailed Production Added

LA-MULANA is a 2D game. Now, only few 2D games are still being released (in comparison to 3D). They have a disadvantage under the advertising when compared to 3D games. First, 2D games are viewed as “old”, and will usually lose against flashy 3D games. However, we know there are players who want to buy La-Mulana and who don’t worry much about the flash in 3D games. They can still identify a fun game, regardless of its looks, but even then we still try to provide screenshots on magazines and assets that can hopefully match up to 3D games. Basically, La-Mulana for the Wii is a remake of the original […]

Executed software

In the same way that the map and music player added a new menu page to the original game, the map will do the same. Within that, one was introduced before, “xelpud mailer”. (it’s mail, not mall). With this players can read mail from the elder. It hasn’t been confirmed yet how many individual pieces of mail there will be from the elder, but they are set in a way so that players receive them once certain conditions are met. So, adventurers can also play to try to receive all the different messages in the game. There is also a music player. This is also one of the new elements. […]

The menu is done

The menu we were having difficulty on is almost complete! This is the item menu. This is the menu to select main weapons, sub-weapons and armor items. By placing the cursor on the icon, a simple description appears below it. On the right side is a picture of main character, but this picture will change based on the item obtained or weapon equipped. By taking all the items, it becomes almost like some kind of cosplayer, but based on the order of how the game progression changes, it could be possible to make strange costume arrangements. This is the software menu. It’ll change from ROM menu of the original version. […]

The sound started to ring

I’m sure many of you are wondering about it. This is related to the sound that is always moved to the end of a development schedule. That’s because as long as sound is there, it’s fine. It’s still necessary to make sound adjustments for the Wii, but the songs are slowly getting done. Quite some time ago, we took a survey about the music and that has helped us immensely. Still, there is pressure to create and finish popular songs and other less popular songs seem to have a general consensus of, “oh, then just arrange it however we like”. Look forward to the next promotion movie as more of […]

The issue of rating

The previous article has got lots of comments more than we expected. We just wanted to explain the differences of religious beliefs betweenJapan and overseas. We actually self-regulated to get a desirable rating result at one time. Because we don’t have enough funds and time to take rating inspection many times. When the sister dives in to the needles is like this. I think red is okay, but green is also nice-looking. Now that we’ve got such zealous comments, we should be ready not to compromise expression. So, here is the last question about rating. Which is your liking, left or right one?

Problem of Faith

Today I’d like to talk about a story separate from the development status of La-Mulana. One of the difficult things when Japanese make games for foreign countries is the problems with faith. From the historical background of Japan the interest in faith has been weak. It’s difficult to understand the feeling of things such as making vows with a hand over the Bible during the presidential inauguration; or how Islamic faith views the absolute moral. This may be obvious when you look at how Japanese games borrows names for monsters and items from various beliefs, civilizations, and myths. Still more, La-Mulana is further created with an absurd theme that its […]

New trailer

We uploaded  the movie of test play 4  the other day. But there are many poeple who say “not enough”. So, we’ve got one more movie. Enjoy it!

Archaeology Lecture

I’m sorry that the blog update is delayed. I release the latest trailer as an apology. According to our schedule, development gets closer and closer to its final stages each day. The time to decide a launch date draws near as well. There will be some time between the completion of La-Mulana’s development and its launch. In that time it’ll be necessary for us to increase exposure of the game with interviews, assets and additional site content. One of the elements will be what we call the “Archaeology Lecture”. You’re reading this, right? It’s difficult to prepare new manuscripts, but this content has a very important role in everything. A […]

Let’s Make A Room Guardian!

Even though the graphics aren’t entirely complete, the creation of the small enemies is done for now. Next, we’re moving on to create the mid-boss, room guardians. Speaking of mid-bosses, this is one of the highlights showing the game’s milestone. Even though it’s not a massive boss, we still want somewhat of an impact. That’s how several room guardians have grown larger in size when compared to the original version. Also, some of the older designs have changed along the way. The room guardian’s size is big so, unlike the small enemies, the shape must be firmly decided before creation. Otherwise it’d never be high-quality. We can’t just go for […]

Normal enemy is done!

It took a while. How many were there? We are only three, though. That means there are several things such as graphics adjustments, but all the program for normal enemy is done. Thanks to the lengthy development schedule for the original La-Mulana, it became a game with unnecessary and unwieldy volume. There were loads of small characters. However, there was not enough time or ideas, so they would be enemies that just walk around, or there were several meaningless enemies that wouldn’t even bother you. The basis for the new La-Mulana is the same as the original version, but with the added fixes. The changes made to attacks and movement, […]