Archives for August 2010

Original version Music

A while back we conducted a survey on the music for La-Mulana. We’d like to announce the results. The most popular were the Surface, Guidance Gate, Giant Mausoleum and Sky Water Source. I’m sure there are good and bad songs, but we understand that the songs in the early stages of the game make lasting impressions to the players. We have received pressure that these popular songs should be arranged in a way for the Wii as to not ruin the atmosphere of the original version. On the other hand, we’ll do what we like for the not so popular songs. There is a purpose for this survey. The top […]

The bosses are lining up

There are too many things that need to be made, and we’ve been in a unique transitional state. Finally it looks like the end is near. For the room guardians, aside from the graphics and adding the sound effects everything is complete. A few have appeared on trailers in the older version such as Buer and Pazuzu, Anubis, etc., but as well as the other room guardians, they’re stronger than the older version. Most are also larger in size, and the method of attack has largely changed. When creating the original version, it was released while many things were still messy because there wasn’t enough time spent. So, we thoroughly […]