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De España!

Although we, NIGORO, are the ones creating La-Mulana, the ones selling and promoting it outside of Japan is NICALIS. The one of the bosses at Nicalis is Tyrone. He’s an American of Latin heritage. It seems that he was called to Madrid, Spain to give a lecture at an even called Ideame. Apparently, he had […]

Detailed Production Added

LA-MULANA is a 2D game. Now, only few 2D games are still being released (in comparison to 3D). They have a disadvantage under the advertising when compared to 3D games. First, 2D games are viewed as “old”, and will usually lose against flashy 3D games. However, we know there are players who want to buy […]

Executed software

In the same way that the map and music player added a new menu page to the original game, the map will do the same. Within that, one was introduced before, “xelpud mailer”. (it’s mail, not mall). With this players can read mail from the elder. It hasn’t been confirmed yet how many individual pieces […]