Archives for June 2010

The menu is done

The menu we were having difficulty on is almost complete! This is the item menu. This is the menu to select main weapons, sub-weapons and armor items. By placing the cursor on the icon, a simple description appears below it. On the right side is a picture of main character, but this picture will change based on the item obtained or weapon equipped. By taking all the items, it becomes almost like some kind of cosplayer, but based on the order of how the game progression changes, it could be possible to make strange costume arrangements. This is the software menu. It’ll change from ROM menu of the original version. […]

The sound started to ring

I’m sure many of you are wondering about it. This is related to the sound that is always moved to the end of a development schedule. That’s because as long as sound is there, it’s fine. It’s still necessary to make sound adjustments for the Wii, but the songs are slowly getting done. Quite some time ago, we took a survey about the music and that has helped us immensely. Still, there is pressure to create and finish popular songs and other less popular songs seem to have a general consensus of, “oh, then just arrange it however we like”. Look forward to the next promotion movie as more of […]