Archives for February 2010

Let’s Make A Room Guardian!

Even though the graphics aren’t entirely complete, the creation of the small enemies is done for now. Next, we’re moving on to create the mid-boss, room guardians. Speaking of mid-bosses, this is one of the highlights showing the game’s milestone. Even though it’s not a massive boss, we still want somewhat of an impact. That’s how several room guardians have grown larger in size when compared to the original version. Also, some of the older designs have changed along the way. The room guardian’s size is big so, unlike the small enemies, the shape must be firmly decided before creation. Otherwise it’d never be high-quality. We can’t just go for […]

Normal enemy is done!

It took a while. How many were there? We are only three, though. That means there are several things such as graphics adjustments, but all the program for normal enemy is done. Thanks to the lengthy development schedule for the original La-Mulana, it became a game with unnecessary and unwieldy volume. There were loads of small characters. However, there was not enough time or ideas, so they would be enemies that just walk around, or there were several meaningless enemies that wouldn’t even bother you. The basis for the new La-Mulana is the same as the original version, but with the added fixes. The changes made to attacks and movement, […]