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LA-MULANA – Musics for Wii – vol.3

Thank you for waiting. We are working hard development. and please wait a little more. Thanks!

We are sorry.

LA-MULANA has returned from Nintendo after the lot inspection. After that we are debugging without a break. But, we have a tough time of fixing the part of buying and reading download contents. It takes long time beyond our expectation. We did a lot of thinking. As a result, we come to the conclusion we abandoned to release it in 2010. Because, it’s better to enhance the completeness instead of completing it roughly in a hurry. We are so sorry. To tell the detail, we didn’t have a well-organized test environment of network connection, because of a few members and a minimum developing environment. It takes long time for unexpected […]

TGS2010 Trailer

Time has passed completely. We will show you new trailer! this is distributed to the person of media interviewed at this year’s Tokyo game show. Please enjoy it.

Has returned.

LA-MULANA was said “No good” by Nintendo, then it has returned to us. So, we are going to resubmit after fixing it. Will it be released in this year?


We have completed LA-MULANA today, and we are going to submit it to Nintendo. LA-MULANA will have been examined by Nintendo. If it passes without any trouble, the release date will be determined. Off course, we keep proofing LA-MULANA while it’s under examination by Nintendo. So, we can’t relieve at all. Anyway, LA-MULANA will be on sale in this year.

We’re gonna show you LA-MULANA

The world is bustling with news of TGS2010, though. We’d like to get lively by another event. We are doing LA-MULANA live via USTREAM on 19th from 10PM to 11PM (JST) We are sorry for foreign people because we speak in Japanese. But, you can watch the actual LA-MULANA for Wii.

We are going to TGS 2010.

We don’t exhibit anything though, all of NIGORO members and Tyrone from NICALiS are gonna go to Tokyo Game Show 2010. While many persons related game industry are gathering from around the world, we will be interviewed all the time without seeing exhibitions. LA-MULANA has nearly completed, so some update and release date would come out. Please pay attention to media that will publish NIGORO’s articles.

Original version Music

A while back we conducted a survey on the music for La-Mulana. We’d like to announce the results. The most popular were the Surface, Guidance Gate, Giant Mausoleum and Sky Water Source. I’m sure there are good and bad songs, but we understand that the songs in the early stages of the game make lasting impressions to the players. We have received pressure that these popular songs should be arranged in a way for the Wii as to not ruin the atmosphere of the original version. On the other hand, we’ll do what we like for the not so popular songs. There is a purpose for this survey. The top […]

The bosses are lining up

There are too many things that need to be made, and we’ve been in a unique transitional state. Finally it looks like the end is near. For the room guardians, aside from the graphics and adding the sound effects everything is complete. A few have appeared on trailers in the older version such as Buer and Pazuzu, Anubis, etc., but as well as the other room guardians, they’re stronger than the older version. Most are also larger in size, and the method of attack has largely changed. When creating the original version, it was released while many things were still messy because there wasn’t enough time spent. So, we thoroughly […]

De España!

Although we, NIGORO, are the ones creating La-Mulana, the ones selling and promoting it outside of Japan is NICALIS. The one of the bosses at Nicalis is Tyrone. He’s an American of Latin heritage. It seems that he was called to Madrid, Spain to give a lecture at an even called Ideame. Apparently, he had college students there try out the current version La-Mulana. Keep in mind that while the US knew about the Commodore and Amiga, Spain is largely rooted to MSX. There seemed to have been several students who played the original version of La-Mulana. Of those, two had cleared the entire game. If they’re college students now, […]