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Possibility for the Future

Possibility for the Future Although we’ve answered various questions on this blog, I think we should answer the questions from TGS interview which a lot of people asked. That question is, “Why is it WiiWare?” The answer is simple, because we accepted the offer to work with Nicalis. I think we’ve received this question means […]

New Screen Shots

We received a lot of coverages from an overseas journalist in Tokyo game show 2009. NintendoPower , GameLife@WIRED , Game Developer Magazine , , , , Gamasutra. Thank you for being interested in us. We have performed for the world. Article that is coverage to Samieru. Though this is different from coverage. […]

Questions and Concerns from Other Countries

I would like to answer some of the questions and concerns that were brought up on the website about La-Mulana for WiiWare. I will start with the ones on the Japanese site. About the sound source for the PC version. I always prefer to create new environments for new graphics. So, yes, the sound source […]

About the Difficulty

Some people enjoy the original version of La-Mulana so much because of the level of challenges it offered. These people must have been disappointed each time a remake of a favorite classic game is released. Because a remake of an old game often has decreased level of challenge. NIGORO, of course, considers such concerns.

MSX material

As I expected, the most common question is about the MSX. There will be no materials about MSX or other games. We won’t disappoint those who loved the original version. The Elder’s underwear would be a good example. The underwear isn’t an MSX-related anymore. The Professor’s laptop is also different. it’s called the Mobile Super […]

About music

We plan on replacing the original music with new music, same as we’re doing with the graphics. I’d rather remake it close to SSCC version with the quality of sound as arranged MIDI from the original game. Shown in the picture above are percussion instruments which were purchased on an overseas trip. This was in […]

Graphics Remade Completely

As I mentioned the last time, there isn’t a changeover switch in La-Mulana WiiWare for the original version’s graphics and music. Sorry, we can’t do anything about it. There’s not enough space to contain both in our WiiWare version. Since I’ve already explained why we remade the graphics in our process and policy, I’d like […]

We’re doing our best to answer your questions.

The most important matter is that LA-MULANA isn’t a port of the original game. It’s an entirely new game, new engine–we’re not reusing the original assets or code. Other than that, we should mention the original creators, Naramura, Duplex and Samieru, are developing it. We’re not just porting the original version’s source. NICALiS asked if […]

A questionnaire about LA-MULANA music

Nowadays, we work all through the night–everyday. We want to hear from fans of LA-MULANA. We have a question for you. This is a question is to decide a certain important item about LA-MULANA for WiiWare. We will count comments submitted to this post. So the question is, what is your favorite music? Multiple answers […]

LA-MULANA official site is full-scale running!

After announcing the forthcoming release of LA-MULANA for WiiWare Edition in North America, nothing changed on this, the official site. But now it’s been refreshed! So far the site has few new pages. And we will upload images one-by-one. Don’t think of this site as simple a general site for information to be released little-by-little. […]