Archives for November 2009

Current Status

I’m able to rest assured now that there is a movie we have shown of La-Mulana working on the Wii. To explain our current status, we’ve started prioritizing the basic parts of all actions of the main character as well as the enemies and traps, too. The other day, we more or less finished implementation of all the main character’s actions, so duplex will now begin development of the menu and stores. Because we can’t create a screen to show everyone by making only base parts, Samieru and I proceeded with the initial number of field maps and enemy characters. The work for these two will not change. We will […]

Everyone, lend me your strength

We’re currently in the midst of creating the menu. We, NIGORO, are a relatively start-up and this will be our first time entering the console market. Without strength there won’t be any knowledge or connection of NIGORO and La-Mulana. And we can’t do campaigns or large-scale ads. We have to do everything on our own. That’s why we try to take the way which cannot make it by the existing process of development and advertising such as making fans privy to information on the official site. We’re showing it to you as it’s created to let everyone see and offer their opinions, it’s useful for the game development. It’s almost […]