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Motion of La-Mulana

The reason why more questions come up even after we answer everyone’s questions is probably because you haven’t yet actually seen or played La-Mulana. With that said, check this out. [Music is MIDI of an original version. ] This is not the trailer movie. I wanted to eliminate everyone’s skepticism so I uploaded something that’s running, even though some parts that are not complete and still placeholder. I’m sorry if your doubt increase from looking at the incomplete parts, but remember we’re still working on the game.

Possibility for the Future

Possibility for the Future Although we’ve answered various questions on this blog, I think we should answer the questions from TGS interview which a lot of people asked. That question is, “Why is it WiiWare?” The answer is simple, because we accepted the offer to work with Nicalis. I think we’ve received this question means that some people may want see the game on Xbox 360 or want a European version. There is a possibility of releasing LA-MULANA elsewhere in the future. With the release of LA-MULANA we’re actively participating in the console portion of the game industry. It may be necessary to continue efforts for the sales of LA-MULANA […]

New Screen Shots

We received a lot of coverages from an overseas journalist in Tokyo game show 2009. NintendoPower , GameLife@WIRED , Game Developer Magazine , , , , Gamasutra. Thank you for being interested in us. We have performed for the world. Article that is coverage to Samieru. Though this is different from coverage. A new screen shot is published also on our site though there are some a open to the public things in the site of the medium that receives the interview, too. By the way, some screen shots are different from an actual game screen. Because we do not have machine parts that beautifully records the […]

Questions and Concerns from Other Countries

I would like to answer some of the questions and concerns that were brought up on the website about La-Mulana for WiiWare. I will start with the ones on the Japanese site. About the sound source for the PC version. I always prefer to create new environments for new graphics. So, yes, the sound source will be different from the original PC version. If some prefer the original graphics and music, they can download the original PC version for free. We will keep some of the music from original version based on the results from music survey (on the website). I think those results will keep interest of those who […]